Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome to VMX Lab's Blog

What is VMX Labs?

The idea of starting a blog was an exciting for us here at VMX Labs. As our first official post as a Start Up company based in Hong Kong, we thought having an introduction to who we are and what we do to kick things off.

What do we do?

Our blog’s goal is to provide a steady weekly/bi-weekly blog posts about the current state of affairs with what VMX Labs is up to and also to share some of our thoughts on different matters in the tech industry. This would involve topics from a wide variety of programming languages like Javascript (AngularJS, ReactJS, MeteorJS etc...), iOS(Swift), and Ethereum (GPU Mining, Solidity).

Our blog is meant to be casual and to put our interest out to the public so we can engage in meaningful discussion together.

Who are we?

VMX Labs is a short form for the three co-founders: Victoria Li, Michael Chow, and Xiao Yang.

With a degree in Mathematics and Statistics, Victoria began her career at an investment bank. She loves day dreaming and would want to spend all her time exploring new things.

Michael has a background in Academic Research in Public Health and has also worked in the eSports industry before going into Application Development with General Assembly and since Co-Founded VMX Labs.

Twitter: @DexVitalitY

Xiao spends most of his time pondering the creation of our universe and his spare time coding and exploring new technologies. Feel free to drop him a line on any topics regarding tech and science.

Twitter: @rndmnd

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