Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ethereum Injection. The rise of Ethereum Prices with Homestead around the corner.

There has been an increase in attention given to Ethereum in early 2016. 

We here are VMX-Labs are excited and exited for Vitalik and his core team as they worked tireless to promote the Ethereum Network as well as develop it. 

This blog post is meant to direct those who want to know more about the Ethereum Community. 

My name is Michael Chow, and I am one of the co-founders here at VMX-Labs and I wanted to share with you just a few resources you may mind useful to keep up to date with all the Ethereum News: 

  1. Ethereum Reddit
    • General Information on Ethereum will most likely be posted here. It is the best place to keep track of all the announcements.
  2. Ether Trading
    • If you are interested in trading Eth, this is a useful place to read up on how other traders feel.
    • This website is great, it tracks the Ether prices across different platforms. Has BTC/Eth, Eth/USD, Eth/Euro prices that are updated constantly. 

Hopefully this helps! I would love to get more people involved with the Ethereum Network, it is the future and the frontier of technology. If you have your own sites that you use to keep up with Ethereum please feel free to share with us here or tweet it at us @VMXLabs on twitter, or post it on our FB Page: .

Article By: Michael Chow 

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